There are many reasons why some people don't like to exercise. Here are some of the ones that I have heard lots of times:

* It's too hard

* They don't want to mess up their hair

* Too busy

* It's boring

* It's no fun

* It zaps their energy and leaves them tired

* It takes too long

* It gets in the way of other things

* They think they're too big

* They don't think they need it

* They don't know what to do

* They don't think it will work for them

* They don't like gyms

* They don't think they can

* They're embarrassed

* It hurts

* They don't like sweating

* They don't like running

* They don't like weight training

None of these reasons are valid! If you are not dead or in a coma, you can exercise!

The pain of discipline weighs ounces. The pain of regret weighs tons! Lets get moving!


10/13/2011 21:47

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